1961 Alfabilder


Issued by:              Alifabolaget
Size:                      32x47 mm

These small cards could be found in candy boxes. The candy was called "Alfa-pastill", was lemon coloured and was sold in small paper boxes for 0,25 kr / box. Each little box contained, besides the
candy, one small card of a star athlete.

nno	Lars Björn			Djurgården 
nno	Sven "Tumba" Johansson		Djurgården
nno	Yngve Johansson			Djurgården
nno	Kalle Lilja			Djurgården
nno	Ove Malmberg			Djurgården
nno	Hans Mild			Djurgården
nno	Åke Rydberg			Djurgården
nno	Leif Sköld			Djurgården
nno	Roland "Rolle" Stoltz		Djurgården
nno	Kurt Thulin			Djurgården
nno	Stig Tvilling			Djurgården
nno	Karl Göran Öberg		Djurgården
nno	Tommy "Blomman" Blomquist	Hammarby
nno	Ingemar Brandström		Hammarby
nno	Stig Carlsson			Hammarby
nno	Jan Engström			Hammarby
nno	Ulf Jernspets			Hammarby
nno	Anders "Antik" Johansson	Hammarby
nno	Rolf Nordlund			Hammarby
nno	Ola Olsson			Hammarby
nno	Leif Pettersson			Hammarby
nno	Bengt Rosander			Hammarby
nno	Arne "Lillis" Sätterström	Hammarby
nno	Kjell Värn			Hammarby
nno	Lennart Andersson		Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Roy Berger			Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Rojne Björkstrand		Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Åke Jansson			Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Jan Johansson			Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Lennart "Tigern" Johansson	Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Lennart	Lind			Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Bert Ola Nordlander		Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Roger Norin			Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Roger Stam			Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Lennart "Lill-Strimma" Svedberg	Wifsta-Östrand
nno	Sage Wiström			Wifsta-Östrand