Stefan's European Sports Cards & Stickers


I have been collecting Swedish hockey stickers since I was a young boy in the 70's and 80's. In the 90's I also began collecting NHL cards, but I gave up very soon due to the flood of sets, inserts and parallells that were issued every year. It was impossible to complete a set. Now I am only collecting European issued cards and stickers. The main purpose of this site is to provide checklists of all European issued hockey card and stickers sets that I know of. By doing this, I hope I can help collectors all over the world to identify "unknown" cards and stickers in their collections.

Due to lack of time, I stopped updating hockey checklists in 2007. In recent years my focus have shifted from collecting hockey cards to football (soccer) cards. From 2016 I started adding football checklists to this site, focusing on Swedish issued sets.

I get lots of help from many of you collectors out there and without your help this page would not be updated very often. Please continue to help with checklists that are missing and also to correct errors in the existing checklists. I cannot guarantee that all checklists are correct since many of them have been sent to me from others.

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