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Stefan's Wantlists

To the left you find my wantlists. Cards on my wantlists are divided into 3 different priority groups:

- Cards marked with *** are cards I really, really want.

- Cards marked with ** are cards I collect, but they are not on top of my priority list.

- Cards marked with * have rather low priority. These are cards that might be fun to have but I don't really collect that particular player or team. It could also be that I already have the card, but I want to find one in better shape.

... and I am always interested in oddball items, postcards, posters etc. of the Swedish National hockey team, the Swedish National soccer team, Luleå Hockey, Nybro IF, Mikael Renberg (hockey), Matti Ruisma (hockey), Valerij Charlamov (hockey), Igor Larionov (hockey), Ingemar Stenmark (alpine skiing) and Diego Maradona (soccer).

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